Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Past

Today an old friend of Tee's came into town and we've spent the afternoon talking and revisiting some things. Mostly the death of Trina's Mom and all that has happened with her family in the past years. It's been bittersweet. It's sweet because I have such a love for Tee that I want her to connect with her past. It's been hard for her to trust and be social and I love meeting her friends and seeing her be social again. Bitter because it's bringing up a bit of grief that I haven't felt in awhile and I realized I miss Tee's Mom and haven't allowed myself to feel that. We watched some old video tapes and just hearing her voice made me cry. Crying is a good release. It's ok to miss our loved ones that have passed away, it's just not good to stay there too long. I don't want to give into the misery that can consume me and so I won't. They are gone to a meeting and I am home alone with the fur babies and life is so sweet and good. Tonight we will eat homemade tamales and chips with salsa and talk some more. Tee's friend told me that I am one of the sweetest people she has ever met and that she is so happy that Tee has found the love she deserves. That made my heart swell. I am truly lucky and happy to be living this life. I miss the kids and hope they come up for my birthday. They have been talking about it and I got the time off from work so it would be amazing to have my family all here under one roof again. I'm realizing how important it is to make those memories and spend those times together, you never know how much time you have.


Moanerplicity said...

This is so true. Family IS very important whether bio or acquired.

Also, having recently come close to death myself, the subject is now much more philosophical for me. The end of someone's life, here, is NOT the end of their love, their influence, or those precious things they left behind which made them so special & unforgettable to us.

Yes, mourn them for a period of time, but CELEBRATE them always!

One Love.

Reggie said...

All baggage isn't carry on. We all mourn, but at some point in time that comes to an end.

I want to be fondly remembered, I don't want anyone to obsess over me.

Sunny said...

Hi Lenn !!! Thankyou for thinking of me on my birthday! (hug) It was the best ever ! ( My family, came to visit 'me' on their vacation, instead of going to Vegas, or DisneyWorld !)Chimp of chimpplanet here in blogspot was doing the filming. If this should be my last year, you are so right..."you never know how much time you have."