Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday is my new Sunday

We spent the day together and it was lovely. We sorted laundry and took our bi-weekly trip to the laundry mat to wash the clothes, then lugged them home and began drying them. It doesn't sound like much, but when you don't get to spend much time together, every moment counts. We always browse the classifieds while we are waiting for the clothes to be washed. We look at the prices on washers, discuss getting a new one as well as a new stove and furniture. Then we may talk about articles in magazines, what to eat for dinner, and how we are feeling. It doesn't take long until the clothes are finished washing and then we either pick up something for lunch or come home and fix it together. These little things mean a lot to me now. I used to pride myself on not needing to have my partner with me every moment of every day, now I cherish the closeness.

After eating, we hopped back in bed to snuggle and watch "The Crucible" which made us both cry. What a great movie. I read the book years ago, and saw the play, but the movie was fantastic. I loved Daniel Day Lewis and thought he played John Proctor very well. I dozed off a few times but not for long.

I want to post some pictures that I didn't get around to posting from our holidays. I really enjoyed our Christmas but am looking forward to the next holiday which is my favorite, Valentines Day. And then of course it is our 16th anniversary together and that deserves a major celebration.

Christmas morning. We opened our presents and then had a lovely breakfast together. It was so nice to be appreciative of each moment we had that morning. We have spent more than enough of our time rushing through things. Not anymore.

Trina and Katie. I love this shot of them.

Christmas chaos. Shanda threatened me with bodily harm if I posted this on facebook. She is pretty self conscious about photos of herself. I think she is beautiful.

Trina and Shanda. Trina is trying to get her helicopter off the ground. They finally went outside to play with it. It was a lot of fun to watch and take pictures :) I love my family.
It was a great holiday season. New Years was quiet, we were probably asleep by 12:15 but we were both exhausted from work. I'm so happy to be starting a new year and making new memories. Life is Beautiful.


Dani said...

Wow, 16 years! Congrats on that milestone. Being in a relationship is a full time job in itself. Good for the two of you. Love seeing the xmas pictures as well. Love you ♥

Anonymous said...

I too think Shanda is absolutely beautiful!!! And your blog isn't facebook *innocently*****

Eve said...

Sixteen years is definatley cause for celebration! I can't help but notice the drawing of Jim Morrison on your wall...I used to have one just like it..I love him!
Hope your year is going great so far!

Dorrie said...

somehow I missed this entry.... :-(