Thursday, February 26, 2009


I feel a lot different today than I did yesterday. If you read my last entry and read between the lines you will know what I mean. If you don't then it's not important.

Unexpected changes happen all the time. You try to be prepared for them, or I do anyway.. It still takes me off guard though.

I never did post pictures from Valentines Day. We baked cookies and decorated them and it was a great day full of laughs and love.

The cookies before we frosted them. Some of them were dark around the edges. Also I lost my heart shaped cookie cutter in the move so we just made them round but they were filled with love anyway :)

We didn't have red food coloring for the frosting but we had red jelly beans. I thought if I put them in the microwave and melted them we could dye to frosting red but it didn't work. It just made it kind of orange looking. I thought it was a genius idea anyway ;)

Prada wanted to help with the decorating!! Awwwwwww......

She really just wanted to nibble.

The finished product! We're still eating them. Of course the day wouldn't be complete without Tee doing something silly. She made a perverted cookie just for her.. lol

It was a good day. Good memories. Those are the times that get you through the challenging times right?

I am grateful for

1. My daughter and the love she gives me unconditionally.
2. My friends and their support and love.
3. My Xena Blu and her constant attention.
4. My sister and the close relationship we have today.
5. Having a Higher Power that I can rely on every minute of every day.
6. Being back in Alanon.
7. My laptop and the constant connection it gives me to loved ones.
8. Long baths with a good book.
9. Tae Bo!!!
10. Beautiful Sunsets and the Havasu weather right now.

Tonight 2-26-09


Xanadu said...

Hope you're doing OK. Loved the pictures. Prada looks adorable. I mean, not spoiled or anything, right? lol.

You live in such a beautiful location. I'd probably camp out in the backyard. HA. Hugs.

becomingkate said...

Yummy looking cookies!

Fijufic said...

I get it....

Every day brings a new adventure. When things are great enjoy them as long as you can. Some days are simply better than others.

Chin up. More good days ahead.

Wonderful Valentines Day.


Labetine said...

Hi ((GE)), I'm so glad that your life is going so well. Hope everything is super wonderful. :)

greeneyes67 said...

Thanks Bobby. I just love you.

Betty!!! So good to see you. I've missed you.

Lunamor said...

DAYUM those cookies look good.

As for the other...lots of hugs. One of these days I'd love to get over that way and meet you!

Dorrie said...

ditto the above... life is full of ups and downs, as I well know.

I baked cookies (oatmeal) the other day for the first time in years... they didn't come out too well *snif*

greeneyes67 said...

Luna it would be fun for you to come out!

Dorrie: Awwww, too bad. I love cookies..

Anonymous said...

The nuked jelly beans don't look so swell!! But it was a genius idea!!

Completely envious of your lovely weather.

I'm needing a cookie now!

Cin said...

My husbands grandma used to make the best sugar cookies around that would just melt in your mouth.When she past away we never got the recipe.Those look like hers (before frosting).Sugar cookies are Reeces favorite:)The pictures are awesome!

greeneyes67 said...

Shannon go get a cookie!!

Cin: They are delicious. I love them too..

Doug said...

Mmmm. Cookies. I just buy 'em :-)