Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A week? Really???

I let a week pass me by and didn't write here. Wow. It's been awhile since that's happened I think. How's everything in your worlds?

Mine is freakin' fantastic. I feel amazing. Truly blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I am still busy with my life and it seems that spring is upon us here in Lake Havasu City. Yesterday we worked in the front yard. Well, actually Tee did most of the work because I was not as into it as she was but I did pull some weeds and talk to her.

I know it's dangerous to be so happy because she is sober but I am. I am so happy to have her back I can't even begin to express it. She is feeling good and that makes me feel really good. That said, I am very aware of this slippery slope and I'm building a strong foundation in Alanon for myself so that I can have something to fall back on if she relapses again. It's been two months and I really feel like she is back. It's a beautiful thing to have my best friend back in my life again. I feel like we were separated for so long. So that my friends is why I have been absent from the computer.

I went to an all day workshop on Saturday in Kingman, AZ and it was really a lot of fun. I made some new friends and they are wonderful. They did tell me it's time for me to get out and explore the town since I've been here 6 months. I realize this. I know we have become so safe in this little cocoon we have built and it's time to venture out. So I've been thinking of joining some kind of fitness club, like hiking or kayaking or something. Just thinking about it so far.

I've not lost any more weight but I'm holding steady which is just as good for me. I am still doing Tae Bo 6 days a week and strength training 3 days. My arms are getting so lean and strong and my legs and waist have shrunk considerably. I have also added some walking and light jogging to my routine. Xena is loving it. And the streets are so hilly here that it's a great workout for my hips and legs. I am getting sideaches though. I haven't run in a really long time. I want to start running again. Like real laps around the track.

I can't believe the role nutrition plays in our health. I have had the most horrendous eating habits for most of my life. This journey is an exciting one. Learning that I eat out of emotional distress. That "that time of the month" induces horrible cravings in me. That water is fantastic!!! That taking vitamins is really good for your nails and hair and bones. I really do feel better than I ever have. And I'm almost 42 years old. It's about time.

I haven't been taking many pictures. I need to get some more. We have more work to do on the back yard now. Lots of plants that need tending. All the rain brought many weeds that need pulled too. And the lemon tree should be producing fruit soon. All the birds around us are getting ready to have their babies. It's so fun to watch them.

One of Grandma's best friends came over yesterday to see us and it was good to see her. She loved all the changes Tee has made to the house. She was worried about us because she hasn't heard from us in so long. We made a vow to stay more in touch with her. Sweet lady.

We also are planning a boat trip across the river to have lunch and spend some time. This is a big outing for us. And a step in the right direction. No word on the job front for Tee but the mortgage is covered for March at least. We are taking it one day at a time and it will all work out. No sense in wasting energy on worry. Life is good. All is well.

I hope to be able to get around to all of your blogs soon. I think of you often and hope all is well in your worlds. Hope you have an amazing Wednesday. I am out the door to my Alanon meeting in about 20 minutes. Talk to you soon :)


Dorrie said...

I am so glad to see an entry here again... I was beginning to worry. ;-)

And I'm especially happy that things are going so well! Keep it up! {hugs}

Xanadu said...

You sound so upbeat here, and I am glad of that. I've been worried about you too, since you hadn't been here in awhile. I'm so glad that things are falling into place in your life. How wonderful for you. You'll have to introduce me to the new Greeneyes. I don't know her, but she seems so positive. YAY! lol. Hugs.

Fijufic said...

Something good about being sober isn't it?

KAMAI said...

sounds great to hear you so happy & doing so well. HUGS! ♥

Dani said...

It's so good to hear that everything is fantastic in your life. It's about time!

becomingkate said...

Best of luck to Tee on her job search!
I am busy looking for banking jobs, and Bill took a week off to see if he could find another position.
Have a good one GE!

Wizardress said...

Reading this makes me smile. You are practically beaming.

HEalthy lifestyle is so important. I can't tell you the huge difference in how I feel when I eat well, and when I don't. I don't know how I ever did it for so long.

I am so happy for you. *big hugs*

greeneyes67 said...

No need to worry guys, although I shouldn't disappear like that. I've just been really busy being happy. I will make more of an effort though I swear :)

Justfly said...

Happy to read things are going well for you. Good for you!
Thanks for the update.

theredhead said...

Glad to hear you so happy.

Doug said...

I am so glad to hear that things are going so well, GE. Spring and love and being healthy, and all at the same time!

Have a great week!

Chiaroscuro said...

You may not be losing weight because you are gaining muscle. Show us some pics! It is amazing how much crap the average person eats in one day and doesn't know it. Glad you are feeling happy. Did you ever email me for journal access?

greeneyes67 said...

Chia I don't think so, I don't even know who you are! You sound familiar but you should email me.