Friday, February 27, 2009

This Made Me Stop and Think

How big a deal is this, anyway? If I knew I was going to die in a week, would this be something I would want to spend this minute of my remaining time on?

I belong to sparkpeople and they sent me an email today about emotional eating. I was interested and read it carefully. The article changed to points on de-stressing and putting things in perspective.

How big a deal is this, anyway? If I knew I was going to die in a week, would this be something I would want to spend this minute of my remaining time on?

There is something going on that I can't really blog about anymore but it is enough to throw me into either an obsessive state or depression. If I was dying in a week I would not want to waste any time on this problem. I would definitely want to be living my life and enjoying every moment.

I am so grateful that I was given this little bit of wisdom this morning. After I read it I jumped up off the couch and did my usual workout routine. Then I ate my breakfast. Now I am dressed and ready to go to my Alanon meeting.

I am grateful I have a choice. I can sit and worry or I can get moving and realize that I have no control over other people. I only have my life. I am choosing to do the healthy thing today. I don't want to waste any more time on needless worry.

Just for today I will live for this day only. And I will realize that my higher power is in charge and I am not. I really am not. I can't make things different by worrying or obsessing over them. I can only focus on what really matters.

My life really is a blessing. I have been given this one life and I have wasted a lot of time on things that just weren't important. Not today. It is about 55 degrees out and will probably get up to 80 again. I have so many things I can do outside in the beauty of the weather. I want to take advantage of that and I am.

I hope you all have a glorious Friday too.


Dorrie said...

wise words... I try to live for today, too, but it is NOT easy! We may not be in charge, but we CAN influence it by the things we do, or don't do!

{hugs} and you can email me anytime!

Xanadu said...

I try to live for the present, also, but sometimes I have to remind myself. There are some things we have no control over, regardless of how much we worry about them. My mother literally worried herself to death. I won't follow in her footsteps. Hope things get better soon. Hugs.

becomingkate said...

I'm so jealous of your weather! Yesterday it was -27°C and windy, brrrr.

I found that I gave up a lot of the control when my friend Crystal was still in town. She and I would take Jamie and go out to eat, go shopping or to the movies.

After she moved, it was harder. I imagine it wasn't easy after your big move last year! Anyway, I hope you have a good weekend.

Oh, I thought I'd give you the link to my friend's concierge business. She makes pretty good money through referrels from the Senior's Center.

Amity Living

Anonymous said...

Very wise words!

Enjoy your warm sunny weather...*jealous sigh* :o)

{{hugs}} ~Gina

Fijufic said...

*Spikes football*

Great post. Dead right!!!!


Cin said...

Thats a great attitude that everyone needs to take on.I hope you have a wonderful weekend.I am so glad you are taking care of "you."

Wizardress said...

Very wise! Don't you just LOVE those spark people reflections of the day? I love them too! There is so much to think about in those little emails.

I hope you have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

wow, if you only knew how very right you are when saying "I can't make things different by worrying or obsessing over them." This is true!!! And you have the right mind-set about it too, so great!! HUGS!!

Doug said...

I stopped worrying about most things, but I'm generally too lazy or unmotivated to work on changing the outcome, so I just let it flow. It has worked so far :-)

I hope you're having a beautiful day, GE.

inneedofgrace said...

Good for you! This is a great post.
It's funny, I just joined SparkPeople today.
Big hugs to you.

greeneyes67 said...

I love you all... You make me smile with your sweet comments. Thanks for the Hugs too! I love all of them.

MauritaMason said...

Wow, I really needed that. Thanks for your insight.

Chiaroscuro said...

I am constantly reigning in my brain from thinking too far ahead. Usually that just results in worry and stress and things I can't completely control. I hope you are doing well. Did you ever email me so I can invite you to my journal?

greeneyes67 said...

NO.. I had no idea who you were until now. You can email me at and give me your email! I don't have it. I just figured you out girl :)