Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Tuesday Again...

It seems like the days are just flying right by... I am enjoying it though. Today I worked out like usual but I have been switching up my workouts. I tried Tae Bo and it kicked my ass! I really feel good about this workout though.

My weight is fluctuating again, due to eating way too much sodium. I can't seem to give up the salt. It's annoying. But the cool thing is my body is really changing even though the scale isn't reflecting it much lately. My clothes fit better and I look really good. I tried on some shorts I bought last summer that didn't fit and they fit perfectly now :) I just want to stay right here and be complacent but I won't. I'm sure I'll push myself to lose another 10 pounds or so.

Not much to write about in here. I just don't feel like blogging. I am really happy and I tend to write more when things are bad. Things are really wonderful. I am still going to my meetings and I am even treasurer for one meeting.

T. and I will be celebrating our 13 year anniversary on February 16. 13 years!!! And we almost didn't make it. I am so glad we did. It's been such a rough year (again) but this year will be better. Things are definitely on the upswing.

We won't be going to Laughlin like last year but we'll have fun anyway. We always have wonderful anniversaries. I still have to go shopping for T's present. Maybe this week. I have the perfect gift in mind.

I think we sold a really big piece of furniture on Craigslist, the China Cabinet. It's a Hibriten original and worth a lot of money. Happy that it seems to have sold.

Not much else happening. The Cardinals lost and we were very sad. I'm just happy our boys fought to the very end. They did not give up and they deserved to be there. It was fantastic. But also heartbreaking.. I'm glad football is over. Next year will be even better.

Hopefully I can get back here and read your journals today, if not I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday :)


Xanadu said...

That diningroom looks so cozy/inviting. What time do we eat? lol. It's OK if you don't blog every single day, like some (ahem) of us addicts. HA. Happy Anniversary a little early. Hugs.

Dorrie said...

I'm so glad you are finally feeling happy and content, even if it means you're not blogging as much.

TuesdayPillow said...

I will definitely have a great me - but there is only so much of me to go around so go easy, ok?

Maggsworld said...

Just blog as the mood takes you. I am delighted you are settling so well and growing so much. maggs

Moanerplicity said...

Methinks you're in one of those evolving phrases and it's best to go w/ the flow of it. You will learn a great deal about yourself and those around you just by paying attention to the lessons life is revealing to you.

Snatch JOY!



Pamela said...

Hey Blaine and my anniversary is Feb. 19th :)

Is that your dining room? Do you want to come decorate at my house? LOL

greeneyes67 said...

Pammy!!! You found me here. I'm so glad. February is a beautiful anniversary month isn't it? So close to V Day and you get all the pretty love stuff at a discount .. Gotta love that.

Judy said...

That dining room looks beauteeeful! Is it soup yet?! :)

Love and hugs,