Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well, I got my laptop fixed so I've been playing all day online. Now I can play my games and all the bad stuff that keeps me in the twilight zone.. lol

We are finally getting ready to sell stuff around here from Grandma's estate. Starting with the jewelry I believe. We are running out of money and have no choice. But with my computer it will be much easier to set up. So it all starts tomorrow on Ebay to begin with. I'm setting up shop. It should be fun.

Diet is going great, I am only 13 pounds from my goal but I joined SparkPeople to help me stay motivated to get the last pounds off. I just love to eat sooo much it's really hard.

It was really cold here today, didn't get much over 55 degrees. But with the wind chill factor it was lower than that. I hate the cold but it's way better than the heat for sure. My daughter got snow today. Now that she is in the Northern part of AZ she will be freezing her butt off. Her blood thinned so much in Phoenix she was shivering and teeth were chattering like crazy on the phone with me. Made me laugh..

My son's hours were cut at work and he is looking for another job. He's lucky he is in Phoenix, there is a lot more work there. Things look so bleak here. I will be in school after the summer anyway, maybe by the summer semester.

OK, not much else happening. No drama, life is calm and sweet at the moment. Hope you all are doing great. I think I found everyone. I will be able to do facebook now too!! Yay!!

I'll find you if you're there :)


Labetine said...

Very good about your diet, GE. I have an idea..all you have to do is break a foot (not really, please don't) and you'll lose weight dragging around a heavy cast! I've lost several pounds that I really didn't need to lose!
Take care, ((GE))

greeneyes67 said...

Ohhh! I don't think I want to lose it that way. Poor Betty :( You'll have to work to put it back on now. That's Tee's problem. Lucky her :)

Xanadu said...

Congrats. on the weightloss. Keep up the good work. You think 55 is cold, huh? You have no idea! LOL! Hugs.

Country-Girl said...

You are too cute!! With windchill it was -12 last time I checked. Lol. I just love the difference it temps between you and I. :-)

The job market is so bleek here, it is insane and scary. :-(

Congrats on the diet!! WOO HOO!! That is the best feeling. I heard a quote that really helps me, "Nothing tastes as good as being thing feels.".

Love ya!

Pastor Larry said...

Congrats on the weight loss.

greeneyes67 said...

Thanks everyone. It's been a lot of work. More than I realized it would be. I am determined to lose the last 13 pounds though. And yes, it's 40 degrees right now and freezing to me!!

Sacrificial-Doll said...

The hardest thing in the world is giving up junk food -- this has always been my diet downfall.. lol Congratulations on sticking with it. You can do those last 13 easy!

greeneyes67 said...

I hope so SD. It's always hard to lose that last bit of weight. I love the sugar a lot!!

Anonymous said...

i wish it were 55 here. I'm jealous of your weather! I understand though that it's pretty cool for you.

Cin said...

Glad things are going good with you and that your laptop is fixed.I want to see the things your selling on Ebay.