Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh Country Girl!!

I can't comment on your blog. The window does not come up. I have no issues on anyone elses because I fixed my computer. Since I can't PM you here I thought I'd let you know. I miss you!! I have been by there several times. I don't know if it's your layout or what but I have no comment option at all. Dammit!!

Just thought I'd say, I'm sooooo not ignoring you. You're one of my sweetest friends. Anyway... Hope you are having a fabulous night. I am still adding people and finding people. It's been never ending. See ya later alligator :)


Country-Girl said...

WTF?!?! This is really making me made. :-( I don't know what the deal is! Xanadu had issues earlier, I thought I fixed it. Darn it all!! I will try something else and see if it works.

Gosh, this is starting to remind me of the glitches in JS. *sigh*

Love ya!!

greeneyes67 said...

I'll try again honey.

Dorrie said...

odd, I had no problem commenting at CG... and she doesn't have the stupid cacha thingy! yay!

Country-Girl said...

I think I fixed it. Let me know. Technology! Yikes! Lol.