Friday, January 16, 2009


I've got a headache this afternoon. I think I may have pulled something in my neck during my morning workout. I worked out really hard again today. 30 minutes of intense cardio and 30 minutes of strength training. I'm on a roll! 3 days in a row now. I plan on doing just cardio tomorrow and resting on Sunday. That's what Sunday's are for right?

I bought some Turkey Breast lunch meat Tuesday. I've never bought turkey before. I usually just eat bologna or peanut butter. It's actually really good. I like it. Not crazy like but just like-like.. I have also switched to whole wheat bread which I have never eaten in my life. I've been eating it for over a month now. Not bad. It is just an acquired taste I suppose. Learning to love it.

In sparkpeople they give you a calorie range to follow. Mine is 1340 to 1690. I try to stay at the low end of the calories but lately I've been falling more at the high range. But I'm still holding steady with my weight so I'm happy. I have increased my exercise so I'm hoping I start losing again soon. If I could drop back to the low end of the calorie range I'm sure it would help but I still have to have a sugar snack each day and I just get hungry a lot!

I have to say I feel better than I ever have now that I have cut my sugar down to almost nothing! I eat brown sugar in my oatmeal and have one sugar snack a day. I do get some sugar in fruit and bread but that's really all. It has made a huge difference.

Now if only I could get rid of my caffeine addiction!! lol At least I like my coffee black.


TuesdayPillow said...

Getting sugar from fruit and sugar from processed foods are two totally different things, so don't worry about that. The sugar in fruits and veggies can be processed slowly and carefully due to the other fibers and enzymes present in the actual food itself. White sugar is just bad, nothing there for you and an insulin spike you don't need :)
Glad you are feeling good. Seems like you've been able to keep up on being healthier for a while now - I think you may be at the point of no return!

Judy said...

I can eat the fruits and veggies with sugars that are in them naturally, but I pass out and get terrible headache and feel nausea if I eat any (pie,cake,brownies) etc.

Hope you can get rid of your headache asap!

Good job on the workouts, but resting is also important!!

Hope you have a nice peaceful weekend!

Hugs, Judy

greeneyes67 said...

Hey Tuesday! Yes, I have been sticking with it and I feel much better!!

Judy: The headache is gone thank God!

becomingkate said...

I used to be able to drop weight if I did a 2 and 2 (two days lower caloric intake, two days higher caloric intake) For some reason, it would kick start a new loss.

Cin said...

Sugars are extremely hard for me to cut out but I do drink diet drinks.I love Natures Own honey wheat bread,whole wheat just seems too dry.I dont like white bread(except for subway) but will eat it if theres no other option.

You are really doing great.Me,not so good.I think when warmer weather comes I will perk up more.It is so cold here right now! I have the heat on 75 or higher and am still cold!

greeneyes67 said...

Cin: I know what you mean about the sugar. I am sticking with it this time. I only have about 11 pounds to go. I just wish it would come off faster. But I refuse to starve myself!