Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pushing Myself

Today I really pushed myself. First of all to just get up and Work out and Second I did two workouts instead of my usual one. I did 40 minutes of Cardio and it felt great! I am so proud of myself. I feel really good to have done that.

I was reading an article on Sparkpeople that said most people don't realize the amount of exercise they really need to lose weight. Counting calories is fine but you have to get in that cardio to really lose. It said the really successful people actually do at least an hour every day!! I wasn't doing that. I haven't been doing that at all.

Now, I don't think it's realistic to set a goal of every day for myself. I am lazy by nature and need a few days off or I'll just feel defeated. So I am starting by lengthening the workouts I do. I have only worked out twice this week. I plan on doing the same tomorrow and Saturday to get in my 4 days. But if I only get in 3 I'll be satisfied too. I'm not in that big of a hurry.

I was at the high end of my calorie intake yesterday but a lot of that was fruit! So that's a big improvement. I am still not getting enough protein though. I don't know how to add anymore to my diet. I'm just not a big protein eater I suppose. Just adding the fruits and veggies is a big deal for me. My body must be freaking out!! lol

I am still eating oatmeal and I also bought some multi grain cheerios. They are really good! The only "diet" food I have in the house is reduced fat peanut butter and light sour cream. The rest is normal food. I'm just reducing my portions and being diligent about counting the calories. It's working! I want to eat this way the rest of my life so I'm not really "dieting." I'm changing my eating habits.

I got in all my water yesterday. I'll have to try the lemon thing SunTiger, I don't do that. And I never drink ice water. I have a filter on my drain and the water is cold already but I don't mind it room temperature either.

As far as the scale goes, I'm trying not to be so obsessive. But I did weigh before and after my workout and I lost 1.5 pounds just by working out! I was sweating bullets :) It's all good.

Hope you are all having a fantastic day so far. Mines great..

Just in case you didn't know, this blog has turned into my diet/nutrition/fitness blog. My more personal day to day blog is at Journalspace.


Xanadu said...

I wish you were here to post all your entries, but I'll just hafta read about your diet/exercise. I hated the new JS, so I deleted my account. I'm settled in here at blogspot, and will stay. I'm sorry to find that more and more people are going back to JS. Their choice, but it still bums me out. I post entries, and nobody leaves a comment until about 8-10 hrs. later. Oh, well. Hugs.

Fijufic said...

whatever you do, make sure you do not overtrain.

Injuries suck and speaking from experience I am not interested in rehab for a big injury so enjoy your training and if it hurts then stop what you are doing and do something different.


greeneyes67 said...

Xanadu: I'll read you even if you stay here :)

Bobby: Thanks, I may have overdone it today. I'm really sore.

Judy said...

Good job, :) I hope you meet your goals! Sounds like you have a great start!

You can get burn-out when you do everyday like that! My weightlift trainer( yup, back in the 1980's) only let me workout Mon, Tues, and Friday. Resting all weekend, and of course walking miles on the days in between! Fast walking, like run-walk.

I also have had to get into a diff lifestyle mode, no diets, just a diff way of eating, doing things. :)

Hugs, and good luck,

Maggsworld said...

I applaud your efforts and the choices you are making. Well done.

Fin said...

Sorry to see people deleting their JS accounts after less than week. At least they should leave it up with the address of their blog, or contact information.

As to spark people, well I am not one, But I will tell you that I lost 50 lbs and did not do an hour of cardio in any TWO days. The fact that I have kept 45 of those 50 pounds off for twenty years should give me some credibility.

TuesdayPillow said...

"Diet" foods are rarely any better for you than regular foods. Peanut butter in any form has hydrogenated oils in it so you are doomed no matter what type you eat. Get the natural kind that you have to stir - that has just peanuts and salt. Maybe you like almond butter, too?
Also the low-fat stuff often has more sugar in it to compensate for the flavor, so what is the point? And artificial sweeteners are never good for you.