Saturday, August 18, 2012


It's been almost 2 months since I have written here and I'm still whining in my head about writer's block. I am wanting to write the Great American Novel when really I should be focusing on just writing. Let's just start with something small shall we? I wrote for an hour tonight and it helped. I am committing myself to do this daily. Listening to music and turning off the TV helps me release a little bit of stress by getting it down on paper (or in my case on the computer). I used to be a daily blogger, maybe that is somewhere to begin again. I am not sure but here I am. I want to write. I believe I have much to say. Here are a few things going on in my life currently: I am working at an incredibly physical job in extremely hot temperatures and I both love and hate what I am doing. I am still madly in love with my partner of 16 years and we are working on our communication with each other. Our beloved dachshund, Xena, had a spinal issue that paralyzed her for awhile and it was so scary to realize she is really getting old. She is 12. I celebrated my 45th birthday with my family, both children and their spouses travelling to be with us and it was one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I am struggling with some mild depressive episodes and wondering what to do about that. My physical health is good but I do have many body aches, especially in my back and legs due to the strenuous work I am performing 5 days a week. So, all in all life is... life. It goes on, changes take place, losses become less painful and are replaced with miracles and blessings and the world keeps turning. In the meantime I am reading articles about overcoming writer's block and hoping I can stay on a steady roll of writing since this is what I most want to be doing with my life and talent.


Dorrie said...

life changes are keeping me from blogging. Can you believe my new partner doesn't even know what a "mouse" is, let alone the purpose of computers? lol

Pastor Larry said...

Hang in there and just sit down and write free style. Save and come back to edit later. Works for me.

inneedofgrace said...

I have been wanting to write more regularly too - and just haven't done it. I just revived my blog - and wiped out my old entries by mistake and am hoping to write more often.
It's good to "catch up" with you here. Glad that all in all life is good for you! Big hugs!