Friday, March 16, 2012

Mind Drifts

Sometimes I don't trust my thoughts. They drift away and take me into a delusional world that I don't want to live in anymore. I'm thinking of starting a different blog. I do write at 750 words but that doesn't seem to help me once I start with the obsessions. It's St Patricks day tomorrow. My mind won't leave me alone.


Moanerplicity said...

Sometimes our minds can become our own worse enemy. We can think & think so much that we think ourselves into mental corners from which we cannot easily escape.

Time to do something diffrent, perhaps a new activity, or hobby that makes you have to concentrate on something else, listen to new music. Just get out of your own way!


Snatch JOY!


greeneyes67 said...

Lin: You're right as rain. How are you? I'm thinking I need to switch up the routine a bit. Plus, I got 8 hours sleep which helped a lot.

Dorrie said...

please don't move your blog...but if you do, please don't forget to tell me!! :-)

greeneyes67 said...

I'll let you know Dorrie.