Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Kiss

She was watching me come undone and my heart was crying out for her to wake me up. She breathed life into me with that kiss on that morning. I was not living. I felt so alone and I was drowning in words. She grabbed me and gave me that kiss, that kiss changed everything. I went about my day but I knew I had been sleeping for a long time and I needed that passion to feel alive again.

There is a line that we can cross if we allow ourselves to go there. I allowed myself to split apart and move into another realm. There were things I would do to stay in reality, certain songs, certain dreams, I would drift there when I was alone and I would see of glimpse of her there.

ON that day and in that kiss I allowed myself to be drawn in much further than before and I knew- my body, heart and mind knew that I crossed back over to her. I crossed back over to you. I allowed myself to come back again. I want to write it down so I don't forget the power in that kiss. The way we both pulled away and looked at each other, knowing and realizing - then we kissed again.

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