Thursday, May 19, 2011

Element of Fire

Today was interesting, long and quiet. The hours tick by and follow me closely- stalking me and making me feel paranoid. I hear the tick tick tock and I feel more time is being added to my days. Her suspicious mind is adding to my anxiety and I can’t say that I blame her for not trusting me – for questioning the moves I make and wondering what’s going on inside my head. Flash back – rewind and here I am again, comfortably relaxing in bed while her familiar, strong hands stroke me and lull me to sleep. She plays my body like an instrument and takes my hesitation and blows it like dust in the wind. The sharp contrast does not elude me, the passion that flows so freely. I kept thinking it would appear before but it did not and it was lying in wait and is just so – effortless. It just ignites and expands and grows crackling and climbing up and around slinking up the walls behind the bed and to the ceiling. The screams and cries so trapped inside of me came exploding out and painted a picture of a dragon’s breath so fresh and hanging in the air. I am so passionate and I should have never forgotten that passion in the seductive words that she said. I will never forget again.


Dani said...

Be happy. Just be. Times change, people change. Go with it. Follow your heart.

Anonymous said...

Hey L, hope all is well. Glad to find your words.

Anonymous said...

One day at a time. You have a rich inner life. Reflection and introspective is not necessarily a bad thing; it is life's reaction to each and every scar of a life lived.