Thursday, November 4, 2010


Seems all I do is study. Guess what? My eyes are going bad. I wore glasses as a young child, then my eyes seemed to correct themselves. Then I was far sighted and wore contacts and they stopped working up close. Now I am struggling to see the TV and the dry erase boards (what happened to chalk boards) at school. *sigh* I need glasses. And I need to study. But I'm off to my next Al-Anon meeting in an hour so those pesky division of radical expression problems will have to wait. Bleh.


Dorrie said...

I hate wearing glasses. I would so much like to start wearing eye makeup again, but you need to take off the glasses to put it on... and guess what? Without the glasses, I can't see well enough! LOL Oh, well... maybe laser some day?

Fijufic said...

I had to start wearing readers at age 44...GRRRR

Dani said...

I had to wear glasses too but when my diabeties set in, I didnt have to wear them anymore. I dont envy you with all the studying you have to do.