Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Proved How Great We ARE!!

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We won the Championship and we're on our way to the Superbowl!

The Eagles pulled ahead and we still proved we are the champs! We will win in two weeks too. Just watch us!

I LOVE my Cardinals!! This is incredible. We don't have much of our voices left. lol


Lunamor said...

Wow - way to go! I wish I'd been watching it. And as a Cowboys fan, I'm SO GLAD THE EAGLES LOST!!!! WOOOOOO! :D

Xanadu said...

Yay, Cardinals. So happy for you. Now when all the SuperBowl bullshit is done, I'll be happier yet. HA! The media is cramming it down our throats, whether we're fans or not. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Cardinals. WooHoo! Hugs.

AK™ said...

very cool.

Justfly said...

Way to go eagles!
I just checked the score, at this time it is not looking good for the Ravens :(

KAMAI said...

the steelers gonna WHOMP yer birds, girly. :)

greeneyes67 said...

No they won't Linda! The Cardinals will kill them! Woo Hoo!!

doanli said...


I'm rooting for the Cards in the SB, so don't let me down, lol (I might be putting a jinx on them, so I better not say anything else.)

SunTiger said...

I love cardinals (the bird). Collect figurines of them to decorate the house around the holidays w/'em. No cardinals actually live up here in Washington tho.

So glad your team won. Whoo whoo whoo!

The Lioness said...

The Cards were such crap when they were here in St. Louis! I guess they needed the sunshine and desert air! You even have Kurt Warner now!:-(

Congrats and good luck!