Monday, January 12, 2009

Some Pretty Pictures

T. and I are selling some things on Craigslist and possibly to some shops locally. I thought I'd post some pictures. It was really fun setting the table and getting the pictures of the china and silver. I had fun anyway.. lol

Tee just said "You are such a girl!" cuz I got all excited about the pretty table setting.

This is the Noritake Temptation Pattern China and a few pieces of the Silver. It's Rogers & Son. I am still researching but this picture turned out so pretty!!

This is the whole table set with the Noritake China and Silver. I like the delicate pattern of this china but I like the other better.

And a place setting

And this is the table set with the other china. It's Pope Gosser Futura. Wheatland.. I love this pattern! I wouldn't be too terribly upset if we didn't sell it. I loved this table..


This is a place setting


And a close up.. Gorgeous!

Can't wait to post all of these for sale. And I can't wait to get pictures of all the other cool things we have to sell!

Have a good night all :)

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Xanadu said...

That last one is so gorgeous. Something I'd buy for my own home. How KEWL!!! Hugs.

Dorrie said...

those are some pretty pieces! good luck with the sales...

Country-Girl said...

My parents have the same set with the silver along the edges! Those are worth A LOT of money!!!

I hope you guys do well with selling them, and that you get to keep the ones you like. :)

greeneyes67 said...

They are worth a lot of money! You're right CG. I hope someone buys them.

Panademona said...

beautiful! best of luck with the sales!

Cin said...

They are all so pretty:)

doanli said...

Looks very pretty, GE...great photos. :)

Sacrificial-Doll said...

I used to own the first set you're showing.. I loved it.

greeneyes67 said...

I sure hope we have luck selling this stuff. I'm working hard on it!

becomingkate said...

Good luck with the sales!

Doug said...

I'm not one for fancy dishes, but those are nice, really nice, GE.