Monday, January 12, 2009

I Can't Use My Old User Name In Journalspace (Message from the new JS team)

If thats the message you get then there is a big change we are able
to restore (part) your profile
(depending how much info our scripts could get from search engines etc)
Anyway if all goes well our team will put the info online 13th of January,
we’re thinking if there’s any possibility to check if a user is actualy that
user, so any good ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.

Else we think when you sign up as a user where there is any history available
there will be an option to import this.
In that case other members can report in case someone is not honest.


the team

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feature requests, anybody ? ;)
January 12th, 2009 in Uncategorized by admin

Well thank you all for the positive welcome.

Its clear that the success of the site depends for a big part
on how much YOU like the site.

So… if you have any feature request Send them In!
you can reply or if its a lot of text you can send your
ideas/comment to as well.

Thank you for your time as well for the feedback
we received already!

The team.

new design templates soon
January 12th, 2009 in Uncategorized by admin

Hello All,

13th of January we will upload at least 10 design templates you can select
for your user page so stay tuned!


Hello, world! How are you?
January 12th, 2009 in Uncategorized by admin

Welcome to is back again!

End 2008 there was a drama resulting in loss of some data
We felt sorry since was active for so many years and
we think along with a lot of visitors journalspace is an asset to the internet.

11 january 2009 we agreed with the old owner to take over the domains.

Futher below you will find some faq’s if you have any questions send an email
to and we will try to respond or (if applicable) add it to
the FAQ.
What will happen in case i submitted earlier?
Coming days we will try to restore other user pages where we will try to
find out a good system to be able in case you have

How are backups arranged ?
Well we all must learn from errors so Raid (disk mirroring on same server)
covers a harddisk crash but no strange loss of data.
NOW each night a backup is made from the server on another location.
This will assure you won’t loose your profile in case any Ufo’s will crash on
it ;)

Further every hour a backup is made from the databases so in case of any major
problem occurs its possible to restore a backup from max an hour old



Country-Girl said...

I reserved A username, but not MY username. It won't allow a hyphen! I had to steal the version of my name from another JSer. Not happy about that, but at least I have a place there if I choose to blog there. I don't like the option of having everything open to everyone. I remember the old JS you had to be logged in to even see the homepage.

Who knows, maybe this will change in time. I might shoot an email to them and let them know about it since they are asking and all.

So far though, I am not a huge fan. Maybe I have to get used to it, I dunno. *sigh*

Thanks for the heads up about reserving my name. There were three CG's on the old JS. I hope the other two don't come back and want their name/my name.

Xanadu said...

I deleted my journal there earlier today. I had it for 3 hours. It made me use my real first and mast name, so I'll just stay here. I don't need the whole world knowing that. Hugs.

MauritaMason said...

Xanadu, I put my real name in at first, then realized it isn't a REQUIRED field. So I removed it, then saved the changes. Maybe try again?

I'm thinking these people are Korean. Or graduates of the American public school system? :P

greeneyes67 said...

Xanadu: I changed my real name to Greenie and Last name Eyes.. Ha Ha! You don't have to use your real name. Monika: They are working all the bugs out. You can give them suggestions.

prettytrini said...

lmao @ MauritaMason...I just had to get that out... :)

Greenie - how'd you get your name back?? I tried and I couldn't get mine, and that made me sad... :( lol. Or am I just slow and was there a "z" instead of an "s"?

Newplayer said...

I went and signed up and have not gotten any confirmation from them. I don't know what the heck is going on.