Friday, January 30, 2009

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Too Early--Too Cold
posted 01/27/04
[ my mood: sleepy ]
It's cold here today! Only 40 degrees right now. I'm actually cold, feels weird. I am so tired today. I'm worried about a few situations in my life. Obsessed I guess. So my sleep has been restless. Glad I work today.

I feel tension between the lover and me. I think we're going to end up in a big fight soon. I don't know why, or what for but I can feel it building. She is very moody. Worse than me. And I am the water sign Cancer too! WTF!

I don't know, it's just something you learn when you've been with someone awhile, to read them. She's been on my ass about a few things lately. And last night I just wanted alone time to read and she pouted about it. When all is well between us she does her own thing too. But she has been kind of standoffish lately too.

I hate fighting. I try to be nice and she just cuts me off. It's coming, I can feel it.


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From deleted_member on 01/27/04

sometimes a bunch of little things just build and explode in one big fight....i can feel them coming on too. good luck.

My Exciting Friday Night
posted 01/05/07
[ my mood: happy ]
I just had a very productive Friday Night. And to me that feels better than sex at the moment. Well, maybe not that good but after being sick all week it was AWESOME to have some energy. I didn't feel 100% today but then Tee called me at work and I went into my office and closed the door and we sweet talked each other and I swear I felt better. I have missed her soooo much. She is off from tomorrow through Wednesday and all I can say is Yay!! for sexy grown up alone time. I do have to make some time to go to my Alanon district meeting tomorrow and take my daughter some food (she has none) but other than that our weekend is going to be fabulous. I have never appreciated it this much!! Except maybe when the kids were little and went to Grandma's for the weekend.

Anyway, I did laundry! I have to say I have always been pretty controlling of the laundry. I have to have it done just so. It's one of my weird things. I spend a lot of time sorting it just right. When the kids were little they would help. We would have mountains of it and I would really get mad when they would put clean clothes in the dirty laundry. Stuff I KNEW they hadn't worn. My ex girlfriend had two girls and doing laundry for 4 kids and two adults in the snow, trudging up a hill to the tiny laundry facilities of our mobile home park was no mean feat. But I wouldn't let them help. It was my quiet time. I still kind of feel that way. I'm just weird, but something about the smell of laundry in the dryer and in the car on the way home soothes me. And then when I put it all away and every thing in the house is clean at the same time, it makes me feel like my life is in order.

Plus I love washing and drying and taking care of Tee's things too. It makes me smile to think of the sexy times we have had wearing some of our things. And I love to look at my sexy nighties hanging on my satin covered hangers all clean and good smelling. OK, so I'm a LOT weird.

It still amazes me though, that you can have this much laundry in piles

And then when you get it home it is all neat and tidy and a lot smaller

So, now that the laundry is done I have to tell you all that I came home and started cleaning. I got out my windex bottle and my rag and went to town on the bathroom sinks, then dusted the living room and cleaned the mirrors. Then I did the dishes and polished the counters and cleaned the tables. Now I am finally sitting down, I just finished leftovers from two days ago and I've got steak thawing for tomorrow nights feast.

Tomorrow we have the Football Playoffs and My Indy Colts are facing Kansas City and we are going to whoop their asses!!

I washed my jersey and some of the stains did not come out! I am so pissed. I don't know what to use but it sat for a year because I didn't realize it was stained until I put it on this year. So I don't know if it will ever come out.

OK I was pretty long winded but I'm feeling Fantastic!!! It's good to feel alive again. Have a great Weekend Everyone and GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!


From Country-Girl on 01/05/07

I am so glad you will get some sweetie time- YAY! Glad you are feeling better too! Wanna come and do my laundry? ;-) Hubby is in charge of the laundry here. He hates that I don't sort the clothes. I always thought it was a Military thing, all the order and such! Not my style! I should have been a hippie! Lol.

Thank you so much for suggesting the photo post! I really loved doing it and it made me feel really good! Your comment made me cry, but not the sad tears, ya know? You are such an awesome friend!!!!!! Thank you again for everything!!

Love ya! Take care and have lots of sexy time for me!!!
From gillardia on 01/05/07

I'm glad you're feeling better!



What did I do?
posted 01/28/08
[ my mood: angry ]
I just filed my taxes and claimed my son as a dependent. He is 18 and his Dad kicked him out last January when he was only 17.

He really lived with neither of us for very long, but I definitely supported him more than my ex husband. He didn't even pay for health insurance for him.

He is going to be really pissed and I'm glad. This anger has been building for a long time and I want to tell him to fuck off and die really badly. So this is my opportunity.

And I just watched George Bush talking out of his ass tonight on TV so I am double pissed.

So take that Mr Ex husband, you are getting fucked by me in the way I have always wanted and you cannot do anything about it. You threw him out and didn't care. I have paid more for his care and well being in the past two months then you did all last year. You wanna fight, try me. You will lose.

Anyway, I would have owed $1,400 if I hadn't claimed him. I do not want to pay anymore to the feds than I have to. I only owe them $200 now. My ex cannot win. He is a drunk anyway, he may get his ugly white trash wife to try and fight for him but good luck. It won't work.

Anyway, just venting. I'm just pissed about the Presidential address. But I won't go on about that anymore. I'm done. Gonna take a bath and go to bed...



From Westy on 01/28/08

good for you!

I just realised I missed a few entries! love the pictures, just wish I had more time to read the whole entries, darn!
From greeneyes67 on 01/28/08

Thanks Westy... I think I did the right thing.
From hellion798 on 01/28/08

I think you did the right thing, too.
From RythmicBoi on 01/29/08

GOod, you reserve the right to be pissed off at dead beat ex fuck-nut bastard of a husband.

From Netmale on 01/29/08

Bree took my comment :-)
From TheLubeFaerie on 01/29/08

It pisses me off just thinking about the fact that my ex will claim our son and he is a deadbeat who pays his support maybe once a month. I cannot even watch the addresses without wanting to be sick, so I don't bother.
From chasing3rain on 01/29/08

My mom still claims my brother and I, since she pays for our health insurance, car insurance and other stuff when we need her to.

I skipped the President's SOTU.

Tell me how wonderful I am!


Dorrie said...

office? did I miss something? you have a job? Where have I been!!

I hope your feelings about T are wrong and that there isn't a fight coming on. We all go through ups and downs...sometime it's just hormones.

Xanadu said...

Giggling at Dorrie. I read the title of your entry, so I know these are from past years. lol. (Sorry, Dorrie!) Those were fun to read. Did you ever get the stain out of your jersey? HA! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

"Tell me how wonderful I am!"

Well OK, you are so VERY wonderful! (smile)

Followed ya over here from my friend Lin Ross's blog. Nice writing, I'll be back.

Dorrie said...

duh.... I often read in a hurry, especially when an entry is long, and skim over the dates! You really had me going there! lol

greeneyes67 said...

Sorry for the confusion Dorrie! lol

I was just reading through my archives and decided to repost some old stuff. I have not had much time to be on here lately..

Thank your for the compliment Marvin! Any friend of Lin's is a friend of mine.