Friday, June 24, 2011

Lost in Life

It's been a few days since I have written. I am busy busy and loving it. I am working every night just about cleaning doctor's offices and actually enjoying it. Tomorrow I start the second week as a rental agent with Avis. Wow. That's a hard job. I am overwhelmed with information but I like that. I want to be challenged on a regular basis. The biggest challenge for me is going to be working in the heat that has shot up past 110 degrees these past two days. That will be rough but I'm young and in great shape so I know I can do it.

I just got a call that my other employer needs someone to clean the V.A. building this weekend, oh hell yeah I'll do it. I need the money. It's great that I'm in demand. I've always been promoted quickly, I'm a hell of a worker and they are in short supply anymore. Have you worked with any of the "younger" set lately? They all feel like you should give them everything for nothing. I taught my kids a good work ethic and they have been successful. Jesus, half the battle is just showing up on time and ready to actually work. I've seen people ask when their break is as soon as they get to work. Really???? Get a grip.

I have been relaxing and enjoying the quiet this morning, decided to give my body a rest from the heat of the sun and the physical exercise. I am getting so much exercise at my jobs that I'm dropping weight already. It's amazing. I am on my feet a whole lot more. YAY for pounds and inches dropped. Pretty happy about that.

No word from my kids, I'm starting to give up hope. I don't think they'll ever talk to me again and I'll have to get to a place of acceptance about that. I go back and forth between grief and anger. I'm sure when I feel nothing at all is when I'll hear from them. What can I do? Nothing that's what. Just living life, living the dream and enjoying the hell out of our surroundings and the love and passion we still have for each other, even after all these years. Life is truly spectacular.


Anonymous said...

What a "real" mix of positive and sad. Sounds a bit like life, doesn't it? From a mother of many grown up children, I have found that they drift away at times and sulk for shorter or longer periods, and when THEY learn the lesson they come back. I know it is a waste of time/life. But they do. Their lesson. But I also know waiting is tough. Glad you are busy and productive and "in demand". I hear every word you wrote there, my friend. )))hugs((( from me to you.

greeneyes67 said...

Thank you Maggs. I so love hearing your feedback. You're a dear friend and I treasure you.

Dani said...

It must be so hard not hearing from your kids. It tore me up when my Mom did it to me for 4 years. I hope they come around and REALIZE what they are missing. Don't give up on hope.

Congrats on ALL the crazy good stuff that is happening in your life.

Dorrie said...

ditto Maggs and Dani. Carla just had an out-n-out with one of her daughters but they managed to talk things out the next morning. I had a phase when I wanted to disown my son. It's all a part of life! They'll come around for sure. It's hard to be patient, I know. {hugs}

Eve said...

It must be so hard for you right now..your kids will talk to you again though..they will..these things usually don't last for the rest of it, congratulations on doing so well at your jobs! That's a wonderful thing ,that you're able to hold down two jobs! Sometimes I have a problem with just one! You are doing great!

Nitrous said...

GE you know the world is slowly dying when you look around and see how much its changing, more work is going overseas and the younger people just don't care about life like we sad

Your kids are like every kid, they go through phases in life --I always think to myself before I worry, did I do this before and chances are I did so hang on there they will come around. In all the time I've known you even though its only online you are a very sweet caring woman

Just relax and enjoy where you are at this moment..the rest will take care of itself :)

((BIG HUGS)) and Love

greeneyes67 said...

Wow, what loving and beautiful comments to wake up to this morning. Thank you all, this will make today a little bit easier. Kisses <3